Pipeline Services

Marwest Services company focus is directed at all phases of pipeline construction and maintenance, both PE and steel, large and small diameter pipe. While operating on challenging scopes and under extreme conditions, we take pride in our highly skilled workforce which supports our success in the most demanding industry with the smallest margin of errors. Marwest has completed integrity programs for various clients in BC's Northeast, Okanagan and Fraser Valley. Recent clients include the TMX Project, Trans Mountain, Enbridge and Pacific Northern Gas. 

In addition to general pipeline construction and replacement, Marwest provides the following services:

  • Pipeline Integrity Digs and Full Repair Service: Identification Digs, coating, Line Replacement, Abandonments.
  • Major Project Planning: Providing Budgeting, estimating, scheduling and Execution strategies.
  • Pipeline Construction: Single Pipeline spreads and multi-line capabilities for large projects.
  • Facility Construction: Fabrication of header systems, risers, plant site and well site installation.
  • Coating Inspection and Repair: Qualified personnel and equipment to self-perform (NACE Level III).
  • Early Work Engagement: Access, crossings, R.O.W. Prep, E.C.S. Management, pre work.
  • ROW Management and Vegetation Control: Ensuring clear and maintained right-of-way zones.
  • Shut Down and Maintenance Planning: Strategizing, pre planning & execution of turnarounds.
  • Roads and Access: Providing solutions to accommodate all project needs and civil activities.
  • Pipeline ROW Clearing and Timber Salvage: Maximizing timber resource recovery and efficiencies.
  • Reclamation & Post Work Clean Up: Grade replacement, steep slope reclamation, topsoil roll back.

Marwest has an experienced management team that is available to meet with you to discuss your project needs. 

Pipeline Integrity – Simpcw Ledcor
Pipeline Integrity – Simpcw Ledcor

Size: $350,000
Duration: Summer 2021

Pipeline Integrity Digs – Pembina
Pipeline Integrity Digs – Pembina

Size: $750,000
Duration: 2015-2016

Enbridge Brushing
Enbridge Brushing

Size: $300,000
Duration: October 2023

Affiliated Companies

ROGA Contracting Ltd.

  • Also 100% Indigenous Owned:
    • Earthworks, road maintenance and lease development
    • Project management and logistic support
    • ROW Clearing & ROW Management
    • Reclamation

Kyah Resources Inc.

  • In partnership with Witset First Nation:
    • Heavy Earthworks
    • Reclamation
    • Forestry
    • Road Building
    • Aggregate Supply

Nashuk Limited Partnership

  • In Partnership with Tseshaht First Nation:
    • Heavy Earthworks
    • Aggregate & Rock Supply
    • Drilling and Blasting
    • Forestry
    • Road Building